Transportation Cleaning

Speed and Availability

In transportation cleaning, speed, flexibility and availability are central issues.

Whether we are cleaning buses, rail carriages or planes, we make specially trained personnel available around the clock: In train cleaning operations, an operative may ride the trains to deal with incidents providing reactive cleaning; plane cleaning often involves acquiring security clearance for our workforce; and in some of our bus cleaning operations, personnel need a bus driving license to refuel buses after cleaning.

Cleaning equipment and products are subject to special requirements: these include electrical trolleys, battery-powered vacuum cleaners, biodegradable graffiti remover and heavy duty equipment to wash exteriors.

In quality assurance, we work with RFID codes which document completion of work. This facilitates immediate online communication about the availability of vehicles.

We would be happy to prepare an individual proposal for transportation cleaning. Contact us by email or telephone.


Sustainability in Cleaning
Environmentally Friendly

In our cleaning operations, we use biodegradable products from regional suppliers. Our cleaning products all carry one of the following environmental labels: A.I.S.E., EU flower, FSC seals or Nordic Swan.

An overview of our services

  • Reactive cleaning services
  • Daily maintenance cleaning
  • Intensive cleaning deep cleaning
  • Cleaning of vehicle/ carriage exteriors
  • Cleaning of parking lot/ depot
  • Emptying and disinfection of on-board WCs
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pest control