Technical Services – Efficient and Up-to-Date

Ensuring That You Can Rely on Your Technical Systems

To ensure high availability of your technical systems, it is important to take both sector-specific requirements and the nature of the individual technical systems into consideration. Our personnel have experience in all of the systems regulated by VdMA 24186 parts 1-7 and DIN 276. Our services are organized to ensure that work processes are carried out effectively and individual services are interlinked to create synergies that lead to increased cost-efficiency.

We maintain high levels of quality and ensure compliance with legislation through computer-supported quality assurance in combination with initial and further training of our personnel. You can depend on complete neutrality when you contract our technical services. We work independently of manufacturers - exclusively in your interest.

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Certified Quality
Clean-room cleaning personnel is specially trained and qualified for the specialist tasks involved according to DIN ISO 14644, VDI 2083 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


Cost-Effective Concepts
By skillfully linking individual services and bundling process phases, we create the synergies which make our concepts so cost-effective. .